What Was In My Hospital Bag

I meant to post this about a month ago but since baby Jack arrived five days early my time line got a little thrown off. If having a baby  has taught my Type A self one thing it is that I certainly cannot control everything and that  being able to go with the flow leads to a much more relaxed, and happier life. So here is what was in my hospital bag this time around and what I definitely didn’t need. 

For Mama:

-Nightgown (be sure that its nursing friendly if you plan to nurse). I really hate the hospital gowns and like to change out of it as soon as possible after giving birth. I also find a nightgown to be more comfortable in the first day or so postpartum when I don’t want to worry about pants.

– Button Down PJs. For the second day in the hospital, I like button down (aka nursing friendly) pjs. These are especially nice if you know you will have visitors in the hospital. I got these at Target (they aren’t maternity so I just ordered one size up from my normal size). 

-Nursing Tank. A great alternative to needing a bra. These are especially nice while you are learning how to breastfeed.

-Additional PJ Pants. If you bleed through a pair it’s great to have a backup.

-Towel/Towel Wrap. This one is totally optional but I loved having the wrap to throw on after a shower because I felt like people were constantly coming into my room and hospital towels are tiny. 

-A few different nursing bras. Your boobs might be the same size they were while you were pregnant or they may jump multiple cup sizes over night once your milk comes in, so some wireless bras in different sizes are imperative to have on hand.

-Socks. I packed three pair but only ended up using one.

-Slippers. The hospital floors are cold, hard, and probably a bit germy so I brought slippers that I could wash when I got home and that I didn’t care about needing to throw away if necessary. I actually didn’t end up using these, though, because the flip flops were easier to slip on.

– Flip Flops (not pictured). Great for taking showers, wearing around your room, and for wearing home if your feet are swollen.

-Humongous Pads and Disposable Underwear. Most hospitals give you a bunch of pads and large, disposable underwear for while you are in the hospital (and some to take home), but I brought a few with me just in case. The hospital I delivered at ended up giving me LOTS of stuff to take home so I didn’t need to use any of the pads or underwear that I brought with me, but i was glad to have them as soon as I ran out of my hospital swag 😉

-Disposable and Washable Nursing Pads. When your milk comes in, whether you are nursing or not, you will want some nursing pads. For me, the disposable ones work much better for leaks in the early weeks of nursing. 

-Water Bottle. I love my 32oz Camelbak

– Robe. I packed this to wear while laboring and for after delivery but honestly never wore it. I used a sweater instead and found that to be easier.

-Sweater (not pictured). I just happened to have a loose cardigan on when i went into labor so it came with me to the hospital but i was SO glad to have it! I wore it almost the entire time i was in the hospital! Also be sure to have your significant other/ support person pack clothing in layers for themselves. The hospitals can get pretty chilly at night.

-Going Home Outfit. I pack a nursing friendly loose maternity dress for going home because I KNOW it will fit and be comfortable.

-Toiletries for Showering. 

-Makeup if that’s your thing (it’s definitely my thing)

-Phone Charger

-Camera. I love my camera, but honestly I only ended up taking pictures on my phone. I had professional newborn pictures done and so I just never felt motivated to pull out my camera. 

For Baby:

-Cord Blood Banking Kit. We banked Lily’s cord blood because a few diseases run in our families that are treated with stem cells and we decided to do the same for Jack. If paying to have your baby’s cord blood banked isn’t something you are interested in I still urge you to consider donating it. It doesn’t cost you anything and it could save the life of a child fighting leukemia or another fatal disease. The science is there-these cells save lives. 

-Swaddle and hat for baby. The hospital ones may be scratchy so I like to bring my own.

-2-3 outfits for baby. Lily loved being swaddled from day one so the little tee shirt the hospital provided for her worked perfectly under her swaddle while in the hospital. Jack, on the other hand, never liked to be swaddled so I was very glad that I had brought a few sleepers and onesies with me for him in addition to his going home outfit. Again, unless you know your baby is going to be tiny or large, I recommend packing newborn size and 0-3 month size clothing for your babe. 

-Little Brother/ Sibling outfit. Again, if this is your type of thing, I packed Jack a “Little Brother” onesie and had Lily wear a matching “Big Sister” Tee shirt on the day she came to the hospital to meet him for he first time. I had shown her the T shirt when we first got it and told her she got to wear it when she became an official big sister so she was SO excited to finally wear it due to the hype we built up. Toddlers really respond to that type of thing and small things like a special shirt can make them feel really involved in the new sibling coming home process.

-Pacifiers. Not all hospitals have these on hand. Both of my newborns loved the soothie pacifiers from day one (and they did not interfere with my babies’ interest or ability to nurse). Lily’s hospital had them on hand but Jacks didn’t offer us ANY pacifiers so I was so glad I packed them. I have pictured a wubba nub (small stuffed animal attached to a soothie binky) but i just took regular soothies with me. My newborns do LOVE the wubba nubs too (they were both cuddlers from day one) but I left them at home to avoid germs.

Also, don’t forget your infant Car Seat! Be sure to read your manual and know how to properly buckle baby in! So many injuries happen because little ones are not properly buckled into their seats!

There you have it- what I packed the second time around! Was there anything that you packed that you absolutely LOVED having with you in the hospital? Anything I should consider packing should we decide on a third? (My husband is going to pass out if he sees me even thinking about another baby right now haha!)

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