My Top 25 Newborn and Infant Products

Riddled with long nights, working out the kinks of bottle or breast feeding, getting siblings used to the new schedule and change in attention, constant blowouts, and worry about baby’s growth, development, and wellbeing- the newborn phase is easily one of the toughest in motherhood, but these products are here to help! The following gadgets are my top 25 favorite items for the newborn and young infant in your life. I hope you love them as much as I have! Click on the blue names for links to the products (In no particular order…)

1. My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow– I love this pillow for those just learning the art of nursing. Its firm surface and wrap around lumbar support for mom make it SO helpful when nursing a squishy newborn- especially at 4am 😉. It also has some convenient pockets and adjusts to fit your changing body.
2. Boppy Nursing Pillow– This popular, simple pillow didn’t help me much when Lily was a newborn and I was just beginning to get the feel for nursing, but as she got older, it was more than enough support and now that I am a seasoned nurser I have loved using it with newborn Jack.  Its also great to have for providing support while just holding your newborn (especially if siblings or people uncomfortable with little babies want to hold the little guy)

3. Halo Sleep Sack– Because blankets are a no no for sleeping newborns, this sleep sack keeps them warm and allows you to swaddle their arms easily with Velcro flaps. You can also semi-swaddle their arms or leave them free which is great for titrating the swaddle down as they get older.

4. Wubbanub and Soothie pacifiers-I should start by saying that the best binky is the one your baby loves so it’s best to have a few different ones on hand when your baby arrives and then see which, if any, they fall in love with. I mentioned the Soothie and Wubbanub in Jack’s birth story but both of my babies loved these pacifiers from day one and their nursing abilities were never disrupted by them. The Wubbanub is a Soothie pacifier with a small stuffed animal attached. This is great for laying on the newborn to help the binky stay in place safely and also great as your infant develops their motor skills- it’s much easier to manipulate the Wubbanub than a binky on its own. My littles both LOVED cuddling and holding things as well and this item satisfied that desire.

5. Tommee Tippee Bottles– Just as they will have a binky preference, every baby will have a different bottle preference. These worked great for my babies. I loved the shape of them and the many different nipple flow options that allow the bottle to grow with baby.

6. Lalabu soothe shirt– It’s a tank top with a pouch for baby to slide right into so you can wear them around. Genius. I LOVE the ease of this shirt especially with Texas heat. No need for a cumbersome baby carrier or an extra layer. These shirts are also extremely easy to nurse in. Lalabu also just released a version for dads that I cant wait to try out! Here is a link for the dad shirt!

7. Solly Baby Wrap– Once baby gets a little bigger (or if I can’t wear the soothe shirt everyday) I LOVE the Solly baby wrap. Don’t be discouraged by needing to tie this on yourself- it is actually very easy and there are super simple tutorial videos on the website. The wrap itself is breathable, light, and very comfortable to wear. I especially love that I can fold it up and keep it stashed in my diaper bag at all times- something that is much more difficult to do with bulky carriers.

8. Halo Bassinest– I am ALL about the safest sleep possible so I love this bassinet. With a firm mattress, breathable mesh sides that also allow you to see baby very easily, and a fantastic swivel feature that allows you to move baby closer or further from your bed with ease, this is not only a safe sleep option but a practical one. Some models offer vibration, lights, and sounds as well.

9. Ju ju be Diaper Bag– This bag fits a TON of items in it, has well thought out pockets (anyone else OBSESSED with practical purse pocket placements [and alliteration…anyone?! ;)]), is machine washable, and converts into a back pack. I love it for travel and for wearing on the playground.

10. Nose Frida Snot Sucker– It may seem gross to suck a booger out of your babies nose but, hey, parenthood is gross sometimes. The tube is very long so there’s no risk of getting a boogie in your mouth and this works VERY WELL at clearing baby’s nose. When Lily got her first cold and I was a panicking first time parent I could not care less about the risk of eating a booger but knowing she could breathe was everything to me. Just buy this and thank me later. 😘

11. Medela Hand Pump– Electronic breast pumps work great (for me) but they are bulky and cumbersome. This hand pump works very efficiently and it super easy to throw in your purse at weddings or on date nights, to use on a plane, in the car, or really anywhere. On road trips I would sit in the back and use this pump and then give Lily the bottle right then and there. No need for stopping so often! I also will use this while walking around the house or running around with Lily. #pumpingpro

12. Dohm-DS all natural sound machine– Sound machines help to soothe newborns because the the womb was not a quiet place and this, like swaddling and bouncing, mimics that environment giving babies a sense of calm. This sound machine is straight forward and has a nice, natural (non-digital) sound to it. A sound machine also keeps barking dogs, toddler screams, and other inevitable sounds from startling baby awake as much.

13. Angelcare movement and sound monitor– This monitor has a pad that goes under baby’s crib mattress which detects movement (including breathing) and sounds an alarm if none is detected after a few seconds. This really eased my mind when Lily moved into her crib and continued to be helpful when she was a young toddler (if she climbed out, the alarm went off). The movement pad can be unplugged and then this can be used as a regular audio monitor as well. Bonus: This also detects temperature and an alarm can be set if the baby’s room gets too cold or too hot. There are many other awesome features on this monitor as well.

14. Fisher Price Auto Rock n Play– It rocks, vibrates, plays music and lights and puts. babies. to. sleep!!! We got the one you can control from your phone. Jack loved this thing!

15. Dock a Tot-This is so nice for having a quick place to lay baby in any room. Jack REALLY likes stretching out on it and I love that it is flat and allows him to wiggle unlike baby seats/carries/swings etc. I do not use this as a co-sleeper because the sides are very similar to bumpers but during the day this is a total necessity.

16.Peg Perego SIP 30/30 infant car seat system– This car seat is rated extremely high for safety and it pops in and out of the car and stroller very easily. The coordinating convertible stroller is relatively light weight (once you get your mom strength you will be tossing it around one handed no problem 🤣), stands on its own when folded, maneuvers easily with one hand, and opens and collapses with one hand. (See a theme there?) The coordinating stroller also converts to a regular toddler/child stroller when the carseat is no longer needed.

17. City Jogger Double Stroller– For those with two or more babies- this stroller is amazing. It’s so easy to use, the seats can be configured in 16 different arrangements, and it drives and folds very well.

18. Mushy Moments Baby Milestone Cards– Because we all love those monthly baby pictures! These are cute and include additional milestones like “I ate solids today!”

19. Huggies diapers in size N and Pampers diapers size 1 and up– I love pampers but during the crazy blowout newborn stage I like the stretchy top on Huggies. Side note: If your babe is having constant blowouts, it’s probably time to go up a size. After size N, I prefer pampers because they seem to contain messes better. Note: Huggies run quite a bit smaller than Pampers so if your baby outgrows Huggies size N, they may still be too small for Pampers size 1.

20. Desitin Diaper Cream– There’s all kinds of fancy diaper creams out there but this one has worked best for me.

21. Ubbi Diaper Pail– Its sleek design means it doesn’t take up much space and it’s metal construction and sliding top means it traps ALL diaper odors (even those produced by an almost two year old! 😬😬😬)

22. Medela Quick Clean Micro Steam Bags– When you are about to walk out the door and you drop the only binky you can find on your welcome mat, you will be happy to have a method to sanitize your baby items in three minutes flat. I usually subscribe to the boiling method to sanitize but these bags are so easy to use and I love taking them when I travel.

23.Munchkin Pacifier Wipes– Again, these are so handy when you are out and about and that binky goes flying to the floor.

24. Baby Blue Giraffe Nail File Ok, newborn nails are bizarre. They are simultaneously extremely brittle and razor sharp blades of torture. Therefore, KEEP THEM SHORT. They do grow very quickly and with their tiny fingers and toes coupled with their erratic squirming, I prefer to file my newborns nails versus trying to cut them (or chew them-yes, some people do that). A typical nail file is too course for the thin infant nails so this blue giraffe file, with its fine grain, is built for baby nails and files them easily without ripping or tearing them.

25. Baby Nursing App– This app is free and straightforward. It allows you to keep track of nursing sessions by turning on a timer or adding a previous session. It keeps track of what side you nursed on, gives you some stats, and allows you to set reminders, track  diaper habits (handy in those first few days),  baby’s growth, and some other things. For me, it is everything i needed.

While this list is not a comprehensive baby registry guide (you will of course need things like: a crib, dresser, changing pad and table, rocking chair, etc.) these are the top 25 items that really stand out for me during the first 5 or so months of baby’s life. I hope you find something here to make those first 5 months a little bit easier!!

Do you have a product that you love that wasn’t on the list? Leave a comment below!!



**This post contains affiliate links which means that I may make a small commission if a purchase is made after clicking on one. This post is not sponsored by any of the products and all opinions are my own.

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