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Third Trimester Spring Dress

For many women, pregnancy (especially the late third trimester of pregnancy) can  be a time of low self confidence and self esteem as every aspect of our appearance can be affected by all of the changes that pregnancy can bring.  It certainly doesn’t help that  it seems that once one passes a certain point in pregnancy (about 32 weeks or so for me), even a lot of maternity clothes begin to fall short in covering the bump adequately. Today I have featured a spring dress from Seraphine Maternity that I LOVE because it actually fits through your entire pregnancy (as in it doesn’t get too short or too tight in ANY area) and it is also super flattering for post partum. Bonus- It is nursing friendly!!

It ties in the back so that it can grow and shrink with you and the material is heavy enough to be flattering, and not blow up Marilyn Monroe-style if you are caught in a gust of wind, but it is also very soft and stretchy to allow for comfort and easy nursing access. So, if you are looking for a pretty spring/ summer baby shower, Easter, or everyday dress, look no further!

Dress: Seraphine Maternity | Shoes: Aldo | Nail Polish: Essie Gel Couture

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