Travel Guide: Brenham, Texas Bluebonnets

Last weekend we decided to take a short day trip up to Brenham, Texas to see the Bluebonnets. The drive from Houston took us only a little over an hour even though we decided to take the scenic route which had us winding through adorable little towns the whole way. The weather was gorgeous and we got to see so many flowers! I found this awesome Bluebonnet map which shows where to see the best flowers in Brenham, so it made finding the flowers super easy. We decided to go to the Pleasant Hill Winery location because it was set back from any busy roads, the winery itself was super cute, and the field was large enough to get some great pictures even though there were other people enjoying the flowers there as well. After playing in the field for some time we drove into Brenham proper, walked around the town for a bit, and got an awesome lunch before heading home. We were sad to learn that the Bluebell factory is no longer giving tours at the Brenham location and that the ice cream parlor is not open on weekends so keep that in mind if that is on your Brenham to-do list! Overall, I definitely recommend making the short trip to see some gorgeous wildflowers and enjoy some country air not far from Houston!

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