My Go-To Everyday Necklaces

I have always been a jewelry lover but I find that during the post-partum time period I turn my love for fashion even more so toward my accessories- after all they are the only things that will still fit me in a few months! Statement pieces and special occasion jewelry items are fun but I really, really love things that I can wear every single day- pieces that are beautiful in an of themselves, are durable (baby and toddler over here!), and look good with everything. That I why I LOVE the designs at Mosette Jewelry. Their items are edgy, fun, and are perfect for adding that ideal level of accessorizing to my outfits every day!

All of Mosette Jewelry’s pieces are made of sterling silver or gold in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Megan of Mossette Jewelry  is also amazing at taking your ideas and turning them into custom pieces- like the foot print necklace Charlie had made for my first Mother’s Day or the bracelet bead that I had made for my mom with “I love you” written on it in my late grandmothers handwriting.

Below are some of my favorite necklaces:
Philly Pretzel Necklace – Perfect for Philadelphians, Oktoberfest celebrations, pretzel lovers, or anyone looking for a playful, everyday staple.

Madison Charm Necklace – This delicate necklace is gorgeous and goes with everything!

Custom Monogram NecklaceThis monogram would make a perfect wedding gift for the bride-to-be in your life!

Custom Mother’s Day Necklace with baby’s footprints and birthstone – This sentimental piece is an amazing gift for all of the mothers in your life. I absolutely cherish mine!

Check out more awesome designs at 

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