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DIY Spring Wreath

Partaking in crafting activities has been shown to help alleviate stress in a number of studies. Whether your craft of choice is knitting, making scrapbooks, sewing, etc., these activities can bring a sense of fulfillment to the crafter as well as decrease stress and anxiety levels and, for some, these activities can even be meditative. (Reference)  (Reference)  For me, one of my favorite crafting activities has always been wreath making. I absolutely LOVE the look of beautiful wreathes hanging on my front door and so I find myself making new ones for almost every season and holiday. Wreaths are pretty easy to make and they are significantly cheaper to make yourself versus buying them (think $30 versus $70). Today we will go through how to make yourself an easy, but gorgeous, wildflower wreath perfect for spring!

You will need:

1. Hot glue gun with a few hot glue sticks.

2. 1 bare vine wreath

3. A bundle or two of artificial greens (I used one of these bundles and it was plenty for one wreath).

4. Artificial flowers. I used 4 bouquets of different wild flowers in purple and white hues. Michaels always has pretty good sales and coupons for flower bundles, and you can actually find pretty decent floral bundles for wreath making at the dollar store oftentimes too.

5. Scissors that can cut wire or wire cutters.

6. OPTIONAL: Some sort of mat or news paper to lay down to catch hot glue drips. I use an old pie baking mat 🙂


1. Plug in your hot glue gun to get it warmed up

2. Arrange your greenery around your wreath by adding a dollop of glue to the stem and then shoving an inch or so of the stem into the wreath. Then add an occasional drop of glue to the rest of the strand and stick it to the wreath adding one drop of glue at a time (because the hot glue will dry quickly). This will serve as the backdrop for your flowers and help the wreath look full. *Place the greenery and flowers all going in the same direction to recreate my “swirled” wreath look.*

3. Once your wreath is almost completely covered in greens, you are ready to move onto your flowers. Follow the same method as above remembering to place your flowers all going the same direction. For this wreath, many different bundles of flowers were used, so start with one type and go all the way around your wreath before adding the next type of flowers. With this being a wild flower wreath, I let the flowers be a little less structured and hang off the wreath in a slightly haphazard way- i felt like it captured the essence of wildflowers more this way. 🙂

4. Once you have glued your flowers into place, let your wreath cool for a few minutes and then stand it up and gently shake it to reveal any loose pieces. Glue these down as necessary. Once everything is secure, you are all done! I hang my wreaths on my front door using a super strong command hook because my front doors are glass paneled and I simply hang the wreath directly on the hook (and these hooks hold up my wreaths just fine even though they are in direct Texas sun for the entire morning).

And there you have it! Pretty simple to make and gorgeous result. Hopefully you feel more relaxed after making it too?! What are some of your other favorite crafting ideas?

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