Arbonne Products Review

I recently had the opportunity to try out a few Arbonne products for the first time and I have to say that I really love each of them! I have known about Arbonne for a while now and I have a few friends who SWEAR by their products, but I hadn’tย tried anything out for myself. Now that I have, I am wondering why I waited so long!
Here is my honest review of the products:

Arbonne Baby Care Hair and Body Wash:
This bottle goes a long way! You definitely don’t need very much to get a good lather for baby/toddler hair. It’s very lightly scented by natural plant extracts and essential oils (meaning no synthetic, chemical-ridden fragrances) and it’s extremely mild. The formula is tear-free and didn’t bother my newborn or toddler’s very sensitive skin. I noticed that my newborn’s cradle cap even seemed to get a little better after a few uses!

Arbonne Baby Care Sunscreen:
Ok, being a fair skinned northerner living in Texas with my EVEN MORE FAIR outdoorsy two year old, I am hyper-concerned with sun safety. I really loved this product because it’s mineral-based (zinc oxide) and it’s actually really moisturizing. Lily has a tendency to get heat-activated eczema and this product seemed to moisturize her skin enough that she didn’t flare up! I love that it smooths on easily (because let’s be honest, putting sunscreen on a two year old is THE WORST! How do they even make themselves so limp?!), it doesn’t have a scent, and it didn’t leave us feeling greasy and looking uber-shiny like some zinc oxide sunscreens. I definitely recommend this product especially if you are in a super sunny place like Texas!

Smoothed Over Lipstick:
I am a total lip color lover but I always find myself torn between great colored lipsticks or a chapstick that moisturizes. This lipstick is a perfect marriage of the two. It delivered a good amount of color without being too saturated and it also felt like I was wearing EOS lip balm. I tried out the shade “Zinnia”, which is a beautiful orangey-red (perfect for summer), and I’ve got my eyes set on “Aster” and “Dahlia” for darker, brick toned reds for fall (it’s almost fall, all!!!!!!!!!). This lipstick comes in 16 different shades, it’s vegan, and it makes your lips look moisturized and plump. I definitely recommend it!

It’s a Long Story Mascara:
Last but not least, I tried out the “It’s a long story” mascara. I loved this product too! It gave me just as much volume as my usual Buxom mascara but it’s ingredient list is WAY more pure. It didn’t run even in the 110 degree summer heat and it lasted all day. The brush is super flexible which helps to coat every lash, but be careful when you put the wand back in the tube because I definitely forgot about the bendy brush and flicked mascara on myself (maybe putting makeup on one handed while holding a newborn had something to do with it?!). BONUS: (and it’s a big bonus) You can safely wear this mascara with your lash extensions! I don’t know about you, but the last few days of having my extensions make my eyelashes look like a molting chicken, so having a mascara that can fill in the gaps without causing my last few extensions to prematurely fall out is a game changer!!

Overall, I am extremely happy with all of the products I tried and I will definitely be trying more. If you are already an Arbonne lover, or if you have never tried it out but want to, contact Shaylee Mustakas at to place an order. She is a very knowledgeable Arbonne Consultant and she can help you find the perfect products for you!!

This post is sponsored; but no worries, it only contains my actual opinions of the products.

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