Whether you are actively struggling with mental illness or not, mental health and well being are a part of every single person’s life every single day. Whether you are anxious about a presentation at work, feeling overwhelmed by an upcoming test, feeling lost in parenthood, jumping to automatic negative assumptions in your life, training yourself to be more positive, or focusing on self-growth, learning more about mental health is something everyone can benefit from.

Lifestyle Therapy covers topics that can benefit us all all while making the scientifically-backed information easily digestible and applicable for everyday life.

My Credentials:

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Counseling psychology. I have worked on various research teams, worked as a career counselor, and have been a therapist for individuals, groups, and families for people across the whole lifespan. Despite these credentials THIS WEBSITE DOES NOT SERVE AS MENTAL HEALTH THERAPY NOR AS A REPLACEMENT FOR SUCH. Please seek out a licensed therapist if you need support.

Personally, I am a Pennsylvania native who has relocated to Texas and then Louisiana with my husband, two small children (ages three and one). and our Pomeranian, Guinness. I love travel, food, fashion, crafting, and beauty so don’t be too surprised if those topics make an appearance here too! 🙂